Shawn Warren, a native of Newark, New Jersey, has been a freelance photographer
for over 15 years. Shawn’s diverse work portfolio includes portraits, weddings, special
events, and landscape photography. Time after time he has been “hand- chosen” to
visually document events such as: Dr. Joseph E Lowery’s 90th Birthday Celebration, the
112th Congressional Black Caucus, and Big Boi’s Kidz Foundation. To date,
SWarrenphotography continues to be “the Chosen Photographer” for the elite of Atlanta.
Through photography, Shawn is able to capture precious memories for couples, friends,
family, and many more. His ability to pay close attention to detail ensures that the final
product exceeds his customer’s expectations. He has a keen sense of
specific image elements which add to a vibrant print. Shawn’s talent of photography
has led him to become an entrepreneur which has been a lifetime dream.
SWarrenphotography serves as the trend-setter when it comes to photography in Atlanta,
When meeting a client Shawn strives to build a strong relationship to ensure all of
the client’s needs are met by gathering pertinent client information (i.e., sentimental
evaluation). His photographs of people reveal a compassionate understanding of his
subjects. His relaxed but professional demeanor allows the clients to feel comfortable
sharing their needs for the event. Shawn’s photojournalistic style gives the viewer
an accurate account of the event. He has expertise in capturing not only the main
event images but also the small sometimes forgotten details. Shawn also expands his
experience in photography by capturing still moments in offering product presentation
imaging. This type of imaging magnifies the detail of the explicit product. He frequently
reinvents his creative approach to his work.
Photography has given Shawn a way to connect with people and share his perspective
through a lens. If Shawn isn’t working you would find him spending time with his family
or developing his craft in photo imaging.


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Email: SWarrenfotografia@gmail.com
Ph: 770 374 2064
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